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WV Board of Education, Policy 5202 ( governs a professional educator’s licensure. Maintaining proper certification is the responsibility of the individual. Policy 5202 states: “The educator is encouraged to complete the college/university coursework for the renewal of the Professional Certificate one year prior to the expiration date of the certificate being renewed.”


Certification forms can be found at the WVDE website: Many of the forms are submitted online. If the form is paper, please download the form, complete all applicant parts, and return the completed form to the Human Resources Office. Fees for all applications are payable online at the direction of the WVDE. If transcripts are required, the applicant must request official transcripts be mailed to Mineral County Schools, One Baker Place, Keyser, WV 26726. If official transcripts are mailed to the educator, the sealed envelope must be presented to the Human Resources Office. Electronic transcripts are accepted (addressed to Mineral County Schools), but emailed to Susan Grady, Director of Human Resources at


Commonly used forms:
Form 1 Permits/Out of Field Authorizations
Form 2 Substitute Teacher
Form 4 Renewals
Form 9 Duplicate Certificate/Name Change
Form 12 Advanced Degree/Advanced Salary/NBPTS
Form 36 Tuition Reimbursement
Form 38 Temporary Authorization (Alternative Education, Speech Assistant, Technology, etc.)
Form 39 Coaching Authorization (Community Coaches)
Form 40 Paraprofessional

Tuition Reimbursement
Educators must apply for tuition reimbursement using a Form 36 from the WVDE website. After completion of the form with attached documentation, please bring the form to the Human Resources Office for signature. After signing and to ensure timely processing, the form may be returned to the educator for mailing if requested.  The educator should keep a copy for his/her records.


Policy 5202 addresses tuition reimbursement:
As stated in W. Va. Code §18A-3-3a, an educator applying for tuition reimbursement must meet the following criteria: 1) holds either a valid West Virginia Certificate or First Class Permit for full-time employment and is seeking an additional endorsement in a shortage area, and either resides in the state or is employed regularly for instructional purposes in a public school in the state; or 2) is seeking certification renewal, and has a continuing contract with a county board. Reimbursement is dependent upon the amount of legislative funding granted.


Reimbursement is limited to the cost of tuition, registration and other required fees only for appropriate college or university coursework used for license renewal or for an additional endorsement in a verified shortage subject area. Reimbursement for an educator who has prior approval to attend an out-of-state institution of higher education as described in W. Va. Code §18A-3-3a(d)(2), or a private institution of higher education may not exceed the amount of the highest corresponding tuition charged at a West Virginia state-supported college or university. Reimbursement for courses completed toward certification renewal is limited to 15 semester hours of courses for any educator. Reimbursement for educators completing courses after July 1, 2007, will be limited to 15 semester hours of coursework completed towards an additional endorsement in a shortage area. The educator must have completed the appropriate college or university coursework with a minimum 3.0 GPA.


County Guidelines
Mineral County Schools, based on the availability of designated federal, state and county funds and the needs identified by the county through the Five Year Strategic Plan or the County Unified Improvement Plan, may assist in the payment of college tuition for professional personnel who qualify to receive benefits. The amount of funding available for assistance for tuition is dependent upon needs identified by Mineral County Schools and the amount of available funding, which will vary from fiscal year to fiscal year. Reimbursement requests will be honored by Mineral County Schools, subject to available funding, for qualifying applicants who are denied payment by the WVDE due to lack of funds or coursework ending in June. In order to be eligible to receive tuition assistance, the course(s) shall:




Assist the individual in becoming highly qualified in the core content area(s), identified under federal legislation, in which s/he is currently employed as a teacher.




Support the individual's acquisition of certification in an area that has an insufficient number of certified teachers, according to identified needs. 



An individual may apply for reimbursement at the County level by submitting a copy of all documents submitted to the WVDE along with a copy of the denial letter. Denial letters will list the approved reimbursement amounts if funding had been available.


Reimbursement will only be issued for courses receiving a letter grade. The individual must have a letter grade of an "A" or "B" to receive reimbursement for a graduate level course or an "A", "B" or "C" for undergraduate courses. All courses must be completed through an accredited college or university.


Requests for reimbursement of funds must be made within the fiscal year and/or within thirty (30) days of the end of a semester/term. Reimbursement for any one individual is limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) credits per fiscal year.

Individuals must be employed in the identified area of need in order to apply for County reimbursement.

In the special education area, individuals accepting tuition reimbursement and then transferring from the endorsement area within one (1) year of employment will be required to repay the tuition funds reimbursed.


Individuals accepting tuition reimbursement must agree to remain under contract, assigned to the identified area of need, with Mineral County Schools for a minimum of two (2) years following completion of certification or advanced degree. Those who terminate the employment obligation will be required to repay the tuition funds reimbursed.


A signed tuition reimbursement agreement must be completed by all individuals applying for tuition reimbursement through the County.


The Mineral County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, or national origin in employment and in the administration of any of its educational programs and activities.


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