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Coordinator/Executive Secretary/Accountant Special Education Addendum

Coordinator/Executive Secretary Special Education Addendum







In addition to the Performance Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands, and Work Environment contained in the Coordinator/Executive Secretary/Accountant job descriptions, the following are applicable:



  • Prepares yearly federal and state grant applications to request funding for Special Education programs;

  • Prepares special grant requests throughout the year as opportunities arise, such as Out-of-County reimbursement requests and Hi Cost reimbursement;

  • Consults with Finance Department regarding Special Education personnel list accuracy;

  • Prepares reports and participates in yearly personnel planning meetings;

  • Prepares budget supplements for all grants and allocations received into Special Education Department, attend WVDE meetings as necessary regarding budget preparation changes related to Special Education;

  • Prepares purchase orders and orders for supplies for all special education teachers and students throughout the county;

  • Solicits bids from various vendors for equipment needed for special education students;

  • Checks all invoices that come into the office for payment, codes the invoices to the proper funding source and delivers to the Accounts Payable Department;

  • Monitors individual special education teacher yearly allocations for materials and supplies;

  • Prepares Board Agenda requests for contracted employees that service special education students;

  • Maintains an inventory list of all special education equipment, i.e. laptops, iPads, tablets, hearing screening equipment, projectors, computers, FM listening devices, etc.;

  • Schedules and maintains yearly calibration of hearing equipment; consults and coordinates with audiologist regarding FM Systems for hearing impaired students;

  • Audits all special education allocation accounts monthly with a monthly expense report prepared by the Finance Office;

  • Maintains all special education files and evaluation data on each student (This entails entering the new evaluation date into WVEIS for each special education student, reviewing each file to ensure all current paperwork is placed in the individual student’s files.) Notifies special education staff of missing or incorrect paperwork, and follow-up with personal contact and/or principal to collect required file information;

  • Discusses special education related issues and concerns from teachers, parents, and principals, and provides assistance as required;

  • Runs Student Caseloads from WVEIS for each special education teacher periodically throughout the school year to ensure accuracy of timelines and special education information;

  • Audits the special education student re-evaluation and IEP dates with reminders to special educators regarding deadlines and timelines;

  • Coordinates and assists with end of year IEP submission by each special education teacher as part of their check out process;

  • Locates, copies, and sends copies of specific student records as requested by Government Facilities and out of district schools throughout the year;

  • Assigns a teacher to special education students assigned to Out-of-School Environment, and coordinates schedules as needed to ensure continuity of student’s education;

  • Prepares and submits State Department reports due throughout the year including: 2nd Month Report, December 1 Report, Personnel Report, Exit Report. Each of these reports requires a close audit of each special education student file for current information;

  • Audits testing accommodations for special education students prior to Westest and online writing assessments, and prepares a list of testing accommodations by teacher caseload;

  • Consults with RESA 8 Medicaid Coordinator to remain informed of Medicaid requirements regarding billing practices related to Special Education practices and procedures;

  • Provides secretarial and student record assistance for the Student Services Office Secretary as needed;

  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor or Superintendent.

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