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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information
A child must be 5 years old before September 1 in order to enter kindergarten. School policy does allow the testing of children for early entrance to kindergarten if they were born between September 1 and November 1. Early enrollment is not encouraged. Parents are strongly advised to carefully consider the impact of maturity before attempting early enrollment. To enroll a child born between those dates, contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 304.788.4200 to discuss options and schedule an evaluation.

Student must be enrolled in attendance area school in which they live. If you have questions, please contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 304 788 4200.     

What You Need to Know To Enroll Your Child

1. To register your child, please bring to the school a state certified birth certificate. A certified birth certificate has a stamped notary seal indicating the source as the State Department of Vital Statistics. Schools are legally required to copy this document. Hospital or other copies are not acceptable. Those unable to provide this certificate may enroll their child by providing an affidavit explaining their inability to produce such a document. This affidavit can be downloaded by clicking HERE:

This affidavit is then forwarded to local law enforcement for verification.

There is a three week extension of this requirement for those submitting an affidavit of Military Service. Certificates in this instance must be requested within 14 days of enrollment. 

WV parents that need to request another copy of an official birth certificate may use the following email address:

2. Students who are not first time enrollees in West Virginia schools will be provisionally enrolled until health records are completed or arrive from another school. There is a 90 day time limit for this to occur.

3. First time enrollees to WV schools (Preschool, Kindergarten and/ or out of state transfer students) without proof of immunization will be enrolled but placed on homebound instruction until the first dose of immunizations and a negative TB skin test result can be obtained.
Measles – two doses before kindergarten admission
DPT – three doses (one dose on or after the fourth birthday)
Polio – three doses (one dose on or after the fourth birthday)
Rubella – two doses before kindergarten admission

To find out how to get immunizations, speak with your family physician or contact the Mineral County Health Department at 304 788 1321. All first time enrollees should will receive vision, speech and hearing screening examinations at registration.

4. Please remember to bring your Social Security card when registering your child.
Schools also record the child's Social Security number when that number is issued. 

Other helpful information:
If a child has been a student elsewhere prior to this enrollment, please bring a
copy of recent report cards, enrollment information, and/or the student schedule if
available. Provide necessary information for any student with special health needs.
All other information can be collected from the parent of guardian at the school. A
parent or guardian signature on a written request is usually required to get official
records from the prior school.

 Most primary school offices close for the summer from end of the third 
week of June, until the second week of August. However, Keyser Middle remains open
for student enrollment each Tuesday throughout the summer. Frankfort Middle is
closed for enrollment purposes in July.

High Schools remain open throughout the summer. Call Keyser High (788 4210) or
Frankfort High (726 4767) or the Mineral County Technical center (788 4240) to make an appointment.

In addition to the standard school entry requirements, the following immunizations are recommended for sixth and ninth grade students in West Virginia:

Sixth (6th) Grade Students

Tdap / Td: Diphtheria & Pertussis / Tetanus, Diphtheria
One dose recommended for children who have not had a booster since kindergarten entry.

MCV4 / MPSV4 (Meningococcal) One dose recommended.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus ) Three doses recommended for female students.
Standard schedule: First dose at age 11
Second dose 2 months
after the first dose.
Third dose 6 months after the first dose.

Ninth (9th) Grade Students **

Tdap / Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis/ Tetanus, Diphtheria )
One dose recommended for children who have not had a booster since
kindergarten entry.

MCV4 / MPSV4 (Meningococcal) One dose recommended, if not previously given.

(Human Papillomavirus ) Three doses recommended for female students, if not previously
See standard schedule noted above.

If you miss these registration opportunities and wish to enroll your child, please call the school that your child will attend to make an appointment.

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