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Executive Secretary Accountant Payroll and Employee Insurance Benefits Addendum

Executive Secretary/Accountant Payroll and Employee Insurance Benefits Addendum







In addition to the Performance Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands, and Work Environment contained in the Executive Secretary and Accountant job descriptions, the following are applicable:





  • Makes sure payrolls are received from all locations in a timely manner;

  • Disperses forms to necessary locations for administrator signatures or finance calculation and keying;

  • Checks accuracy of submitted payrolls and identifies and corrects mistakes;

  • Identifies step-ups and shift differential for extra pay and keys in for payment;

  • Calculates and keys in for payment Teacher/Pupil Ratio extra pay;

  • Adjusts pay grade for substitutes when necessary;

  • Checks accuracy of consecutive days for long term substitute teachers to ensure correct payment, and makes corrections;

  • Makes sure all records are verified and transfers absences to payroll processing system;

  • Conducts preliminary review of payrolls before submitting to Director of Financial Services for payroll processing;

  • Prints and reviews pro forma for accuracy before payroll is processed;

  • Updates and prints payroll forms each summer for upcoming school year;

  • Maintains payroll files;

  • Prepares payroll section of Secretary Handbook and presents at opening secretary meeting;

  • Prepares printed pay checks for mailing;


  • Serves as PEIA Benefit Coordinator and Web Contributions contact

  • Processes insurance enrollments, changes, and terminations in coverage for health, dental, and vision benefits for employees and eligible long term substitutes;

  • Assists employees with insurance benefits;

  • Attends PEIA meetings for Open Enrollment and other PEIA changes;

  • Prepares monthly billing and reports;

  • Supervises annual Open Enrollment;

  • Communicates with PEIA and American Benefit Corporation regarding any concerns;

  • Enters insurance premiums, corrections, and changes to payroll system for employer and employee deductions;

  • Prepares employee correspondence regarding insurance benefits;

  • Assists with retiree enrollment in PEIA and Dental/Vision benefits;

  • Files insurance records;

  • Prepares new employee insurance packets for personnel;

  • COBRA notification and maintenance for dental/vision


  • Receives visitors and answers telephone

  • Sorts mail and posts outgoing mail;

  • Dispatches all incoming UPS, FEDEX & vendor packages to their proper destinations;

  • Maintains postage meter equipment; makes sure supplies and postage are available;

  • Verifies absences, prints leave forms, prepares payroll for county office staff

  • Opens all invoices and forwards them to the appropriate staff for approval;

  • Maintains a purchase order file for all county purchase orders;

  • Attaches approved invoices with purchase orders and keys them in for payment; must also keep track of backorders; calls vendors to ask questions, takes care of duplicate orders, etc.;

  • Verifies vendors’ monthly billing statements and troubleshoot any discrepancies and/or request missing invoices via phone, fax or email;

  • Maintains blanket purchase order list and notebooks for transportation and maintenance purchase orders;

  • Creates and maintains various lists for distribution to employees;

  • Collates all bus garage invoices on a daily basis and attach PO’s to them;

  • Codes all utility bills for all locations and key them in for payment. (Includes trash, gas, electric, phone, water & sewage.)

  • Copies all phone bills for E-Rate reimbursement and mail them monthly to Educational Funding

  • Copies phone bills for schools and send them each their copy

  • Copy all gas, electric, water & sewage, and heating fuel bills for Greg Phillips for energy management;

  • Maintains fax machine with proper programming, function, and supplies;

  • Reconciles monthly bank statement for Payroll and Accounts Payable;

  • Monitors outstanding check lists and make sure all checks are cashed;

  • Creates employee directory annually;

  • Notifies post office and UPS of days that the office is closed;

  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor or superintendent.





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