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Executive Secretary/Accountant Student Services Addendum

Executive Secretary/Accountant Student Services Addendum







In addition to the Performance Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands, and Work Environment contained in the Executive Secretary and Accountant job descriptions, the following are applicable:



  • Coordinates the process of graduate and transfer student records to digital data storage. This includes receiving student files, purging files, and delivering files to Data Imaging Group for digital transfer to Paper Vision Express;

  • Coordinates data files for student records transmission for job prospects, college entrance, Social Security verification, etc. This includes retrieving transcripts from Paper Vision Express Program and Printing Certified Transcripts for dissemination with county seal after having received appropriate personal/institutional releases and verifying education records as requested. 

  • Maintains record of transcripts given to prior graduates or mailed as requested;

  • Verifies school attendance and graduation records for all present and prior Mineral County Students as information is requested;

  • Verifies graduation and then collects payment and orders copies of diplomas as requested by prior graduates;

  • Greets visitors, answers phone, responds to inquiries, and assists or accurately routes messages and visitors;

  • Learns and utilizes new software program as systems are upgraded, included but not limited to the development and maintenance of database files, spreadsheets, word documents;

  • Copies files and releases psychological information when signed requests are received at Student Services for current or prior students;

  • Transcribes dictated Psychological Reports;

  • Types Psychological Report Data Sheets;

  • Coordinates and maintains records of all psychological evaluation reports performed by county psychologists and submits billing for these services to RESA;

  • Types all Title IX Harassment Investigation Reports and files appropriately;

  • Reviews and verifies payroll entries daily and submit payroll;

  • Types purchase orders for office supplies, testing materials, conference registration, data transfer services, etc.;

  • Enters and retrieves information and data from WVEIS as it relates to the job;

  • Serves in a liaison capacity between the Student Services Support Office and the public; 

Duties to Assist County Test Coordinator:

  • Monitors different test assessment platforms from February – May;

  • Assists administrators in scheduling practice tests;

  • Assists in scheduling home school and homebound students for testing;

  • Assists in scheduling assessments for all Alternative School students;

  • Monitors the CTB system changes throughout each school day;

  • Communicates to administrators the various CTB and WVDE system updates and changes as they occur;

  • Submits reset for all students who encounter assessment disruptions, discontinuations, or errors in accommodations;

  • Serves as liaison with State Department personnel and assisting County Test coordinator in communicating systemic changes;

  • Assists in the preparation of staff development training for all State Standardized Assessment Platforms (Westest, Online Writing, Compass, and APTA).

  • Coordinates data storage and transmission of all standardized assessment data for administrators;

  • Assists administrators and teachers in disaggregating assessment data through use of Testmate Clarity;

  • Submits required documentation to WVDE Office of Assessment and Accountability to obtain ID number and sign on identification information required for Home School students who wish to take yearly State Assessment; 

Duties to Assist Attendance Director/Homeless Liaison/Home School Coordinator:

  • Compiles and prints weekly attendance reports from WVEIS and fax to individual schools;

  • Compiles monthly and cumulative excel attendance spreadsheets from WVEIS attendance reports and distribute these reports to the County Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and respective school;

  • Compiles yearly attendance excel spreadsheet from WVEIS attendance reports and distributes to appropriate administrators

  • Types monthly, cumulative, and yearly CA 1 Report for Attendance Director;

  • Types and mails approval of letter of intent to home school parents/guardian of all home school students;

  • Notifies Principal of approval to home school for students in their respective school districts. Sends copy of approval of intent to home school letter to respective school secretary indicating appropriate WVEIS transfer code;

  • Mails letter to every home school family reminding them of upcoming yearly assessment due;

  • Compiles and maintains spreadsheet of all home school students, including student/parent data;

  • Compiles spreadsheet keeping track of home school student assessments – met standards with a test, met standards with a portfolio, 1st remedial, or 2nd remedial as required by state;

  • Sends letter to all parents of home school students as to requirements met or not met;

  • Submits electronically Home School Student Assessment Data to WVDE;

  • Compiles spreadsheet of all homeless student data and notify appropriate school and Director of Food Services of students qualifying as homeless;

  • Accepts subpoenas for truancy court hearings when necessary;

  • Assists Attendance Director in preparing court documents for truancy hearings;

  • Assists Attendance Director with proof of enrollments documentation required to take driver’s examination; and

  • Performs other tasks/duties as assigned by the supervisor or Superintendent.


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