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Executive Secretary Human Resources Addendum

Executive Secretary Human Resources Addendum





In addition to the Performance Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands, and Work Environment contained in the Executive Secretary/Accountant job description, the following are applicable to the Executive Secretary/Accountant – Human Resources setting:



•     Assists in ensuring that all professional, school service employees, substitute employees, and coaches are duly certified;

•  Maintains up-to-date certification notebook printing approved documentation for certificates, tuition reimbursement;

•    Maintains knowledge of the overall process of West Virginia Employee Management System (EMS) for certification information;

•    Assists in maintaining personnel files on all employees, including teaching certificates, paraprofessional certificates, coaching authorizations, contracts, evaluations, letters, etc.;

•     Prepares and processes vacancy flyers and official postings in a timely manner in accordance with county and state policies;

•     Prepares and works with local newspapers for extensive vacancy postings;

•    Assists in preparing all reports required by the State Department of Education which are directed specifically to personnel;

•       Assists in scheduling and coordinating sessions for new employee orientation;

•       Assists in maintaining the coaching supplemental salary schedules and the coaches’ state database;

•       Schedules coaches’ appointments for employment procedures;

•      Assists in maintaining and distributing the seniority lists for professional, service, and substitute service personnel;

•       Helps develop programs of recognition for active and retiring employees;

•       Prepares letters based on approved Board actions dealing with personnel;

•       Prepares all contracts;

•       Schedules appointments with new employees for employment procedures:

•       Prepares and processes all letters pertaining to personnel actions, including envelopes and certified mail cards;

•       Prepares county newsletter (News Spot), as needed;

•       Prepares the Personnel Section of Board Agenda;

•       Processes paperwork for all new employees;

•       Schedules interviews;

•       Types vacancy matrix for distribution to Board members;

•       Types job descriptions;

•       Maintains files for employees bidding on vacancies;

•      Verifies employment and previous service credit of employees when requested by creditors, other counties, and proper agencies;

•       Maintains the county photo ID program;

•       Works in cooperation with Safran MorphoTrust USA in acquiring fingerprints for all new and returning employees;

•       Keeps an open line of communication with employees regarding their questions pertaining to personnel; and

•       Prepares and publishes new employee handbooks, including regular and substitute personnel;

•       Updates website with Human Resources items – handbooks, postings, News Spot, job descriptions;

•       Processes county office payroll


Review Date:  2-2018

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