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Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Spanish I (No Specific Grade) 5661

This course introduces students to basic forms of communication in the target language including listening, reading, writing and speaking. Basic verb patterns, sentence structure and pronunciation skills are covered thoroughly as well as basic conversation skills from everyday situations such as ordering in a restaurant, asking and responding to questions, greetings, salutations, etc. The course also offers a brief history/geography of Spain, Mexico and Latin America as well as the people occupying these lands. Finally, the course offers students an opportunity to expand their thinking and awareness of this very influential and populous culture.

Spanish II (No Specific Grade) 5662

This course builds upon the foundation of Spanish I and offers students an opportunity to do more in-depth writing, speaking, listening and reading. The course is more student-centered than the previous course in that the students are expected to use the target language in a more skillful manner through dialogue, conversation, and writing. The important aspects of grammar and sentence structure are studied on a higher level of thinking. The cultures of Latin American history including the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas are covered. Contributions from the Spanish-speaking world are also explored.

Spanish III (No Specific Grade) 5663

Students are expected in this course to use the target language more than in previous courses. This is a vigorous oral communication course that focuses on the students’ ability to communicate with clarity, effectiveness and understanding in the target language. Fine grammar points are studied and incorporated into the course to aid the student in his progress towards fluency.

Spanish IV (No Specific Grade) 5664

This course is for the serious language students whose desire is to achieve fluency. Reading is used as a means of creating dialogue and discussion in the native language on a higher level of thinking. The ability to respond properly in Spanish is important in this course.

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