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Itinerant Classroom Aide Paraprofessional Special Education Addendum

Itinerant Classroom Aide Paraprofessional Special Education Addendum







In addition to the Performance Responsibilities, Qualifications, Physical Demands, and Work Environment contained in the Paraprofessional job description, the following are applicable to the Paraprofessional assigned to a special education setting:


The position includes working with students who may:

  • Have serious behavior problems;

  • Have uneven patterns of intellectual functioning;

  • May have difficulty in understanding and expressing emotions;

  • Have disturbance in the capacity to relate appropriately to people, events and objects, communication, and social behavior;

  • Have no real fear of danger to self or others;

  • Have difficulty generalizing, following directions, sequencing, and staying on task outside their area of interest;

  • Resist change in routines;

  • Be nonverbal or delayed in language, speech, or meaningful communication;

  • Require assistance with the daily living needs of these children include toileting, special skills for feeding with extended time, assistance in mobility, placing student in a prone stander, frequent position changes throughout the day;

  • Exhibit low levels of cognitive functioning and problem solving; and

  • Need academic assistance in specific educational programs. 

The position also may require:

  • Administrating medication to special education and regular education students in accordance with West Virginia Code §18-5-22;

  • Lifting a minimum of 100 lbs. vertically;

  • Working with adaptive equipment, prosthetic devices, and augmentative communication devices;

  • Participating in and implementation of specialized training, including CPR, First Aid, CPI, Passive Restraint, Behavior Management, etc.;

  • Working with developmentally disabled students, medically fragile and/or orthopedically impaired students;

  • Implementing health care and behavior plans;

  • Working in a team teaching setting under the supervision of certified professionals;

  • Implementation of intervention techniques, positioning, lifting and handling techniques designed by teacher and related services providers;

  • Utilizing physical intervention and support techniques; and

  • Performing job coach responsibilities with appropriate training, as needed.


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