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Installing Office 365

How to Install Office 365

Step 1) Go to the address circled in the below image:

Step 2) Click the Install Now button circled in the same below image.

 Shows where the Install button is


Step 3) When prompted to save the file, take note of where it’s downloading it to. Our example is shown on the top of the circled potion in the image below. Ours is saving to the Desktop. Yours may be Downloads, My Documents or some other location. Take note because you will need to access it in a minute. Or you can access the drop down menu and choose a custom location.

Step 4) Click Save, as circled in the bottom portion of the image below.
Click save button 


Step 5) Go to the file wherever it is downloaded. In our example it is the Desktop. Double-click the file. (Double LEFT click)

Double click setup file 


Step 6) Follow the prompts.


 Shows installation beginning


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