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Mineral County Schools 36 Baker Place, Keyser, WV 26726            Phone: 304-788-4200            Fax: 304-788-4204

Office of School Maintenance and Transportation

Maintenance Department
 The Maintenance Department Staff
Kenneth Baker, Director of Support Services
James Daniels, Assist Dir of Support Services - Maintenance
Steve Braithwaite -  Multi-craft (Plumber)
James Bruno - Electrician
Brandon Liller -  Multi-craft (Plumber)
Charles Riggleman - Carpenter
Brenda Sidley - Secretary 
Dave Stickley - Electrician 
The Maintenance Department serves all schools providing electrical, plumbing and carpentry work.  Our department used to consist of 10 workers, two of which were painters.  Now we depend on our summer crew to do odd jobs such as painting in and outside our schools, laying tile and mowing grass.
You can reach the administrative staff by phoning 304 788-4210, extensions as follows
      Kenny Baker #211
        James Daniels #212
        Brenda Sidley #210 
Department of Transportation

Transportation Department

Department of Transportation
 1207 Harley Staggers Drive
Keyser, WV  26726
304 788-4210 
            Kenny Baker - Director of Support Services
              - Assist Director of Support Services - Transportation 
              Brenda Sidley - Coordinator/Secretary 
              Jeff Wolford - Chief Mechanic
               Mike Maphis - Mechanic
             Brian Alt - Mechanic
                - Mechanic 
               56 Regular Drivers
               17 Sub Drivers 

We have 56 regular routes.  In addition to those runs we have Mid-Day runs that consist of transporting students from and to Frankfort High, Keyser High, Mineral County Technical Center and the Mineral County Alternative School.

We have 5 buses that transport Special Needs students during the day.   We also transport students to the Jefferson Center in Cumberland, Maryland

Our buses transport student athletics to all sporting events.   We provide transportation for our band students to athletic events and to their competitions.  We take all schools on their curricular trips.

Below is a list of our bus drivers, their bus number and the area they drive in:


Bus #Area 

Floyd Ackerman

52-15 Frankfort

Donnie Alt

100 Frankfort

Bob Barnes

101 Frankfort

Cliff Biser

94 Keyser - Piedmont - Mid Day

Donna Borho

27-17 Frankfort

Gary Bradshaw

98 Frankfort

Ralph Brady

4-11 Frankfort/Keyser/Sp Needs

Adam Braithwaite

2-11 Keyser  - Mid Day

Mike Burns

58-16 Keyser - Piedmont

Bill Clark

87 Burlington/Keyser

Jill Dayton

88 Frankfort




Lantz Evans

46-14 Frankfort

Daniel Fink

55 Burlington 


Ronnie Hines

53-18 New Creek - Keyser

Clyde Hoalcraft

25-11 Burlington - Keyser

Kevin Hoalcraft

56-16Burlington - Keyser

Eric Hooks

39-13 Frankfort - Mid Day

Cheryl Hott

90 Frankfort

Andrew Keplinger

102 Burlington - Keyser - Mid Day

Wayne Ketterman

8-18 Franfort - Mid Day


Steve Liller

29-13 Keyser -Mid Day

Jim McGregor

104 Frankfort - Mid Day

Mike Miltenberger

23-17 Frankfort

Dawn Mitchell

84 Frankfort

Connie Murlin

103 Burlington - Keyser

Mark Nestor

31-13 Frankfort


Bootsie Owens

105 Frankfort - Sp Needs

Amos Pancake

5-18 Keyser

Andrew Pancake

50-15 Elk Garden

Isaac Pancake

28-11 Elk Garden - New Creek

Nathan Pancake

9-10 Elk Garden

Philip Pancake

21-09 Elk Garden -New Creek - Keyser

Thomas Ray

7-10 Elk Garden

Hannah Rexrode

97 Keyser - Piedmont

Leica Riggleman

92 Keyser

Heather Riley

54-16 Piedmont - Keyser - Sp Needs

Jon Riley

99 Keyser


Matt Roderick

13-13 Burlington - Keyser - Sp Needs

Kenny Rohrbaugh

48-15 Fountain - Keyser

Brian Root

60-16 Frankfort

Joyce Shaffer

47-14 Fountain - Keyser

Myron Shaffer

14-09 Keyser

Shane Shaffer

16-09 New Creek - Keyser - Mid Day

Norman Smith

96 Frankfort

Dave Spencer

91 Frankfort

Marshall Stewart

30-11 Elk Garden

Steve Taylor

44-15 Fountain - Keyser

Gib Terrell

42-14 Fountain - Keyser

Bill Umstot

51-15 Frankfort - Mid Day

Janet Wilder

Fountain - Keyser     


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