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Safe Bus Transportation image Safe Bus Transportation
To the school bus driver, every discipline problem is a road hazard.  
Notice to Parents- Parental Consent to Access Public Benefits or Insurance image Notice to Parents- Parental Consent to Access Public Benefits or Insurance
 This notice informs parents of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) regulations at 34 CRF§ 300.154, effective March 18, 2013, regarding written notification and parent consent to access  public benefits or insurance, such as Medicaid. 

Per the requirements of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) 40 CFR, PART 763, SUBPART E, each facility in the Mineral County School System is required to have an Asbestos Management Plan.

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Volunteer Agreement Form
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Use of School Facilities & Grounds Form
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Student Accident Insurance Information
Dear Parent/Guardian:
Mineral County Schools is again proud to offer you a complimentary student accident insurance policy through The Young Group, Inc., as a direct result of the "School Levy" that has been passed by Mineral County voters since 1952.  This accident insurance covers every Mineral County School student and student athlete while:
      a.    attending regular school sessions,
      b.    participating in or attending school-sponsored and supervised extracurricular activities,
      c.    participating in school-sponsored and supervised interscholastic sports, and
      d.   traveling directly to and from school for regular school sessions; and while traveling to and from school sponsored and supervised extracurricular activities in school-provided transportation.
This secondary insurance with a maximum coverage of $25,000 does not cover illness, only accidents.  Parents should file with their primary insurance first.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE COVERAGE THE SCHOOL DISTRICT PURCHASED IS A SUPPLEMENT TO YOUR FAMILY HEALTH INSURANCE.  It pays only after your family health or auto policy and then within the limits of the policy's benefits.  This plan does not cover penalties imposed for failure to use providers preferred or designated by your primary coverage.  For parents with no insurance, this will become your primary carrier.  This policy can be extended to 24-hour coverage if the parent or guardian agrees to pay an additional premium.
Safe Schools Helpline
MINERAL COUNTY SCHOOLS: 1 Baker Place, Keyser, WV. 26726      |      Phone: 304-788-4200      |      Fax: 304-788-4204
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