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School Board Meetings Policy

School Board Meetings Policy
The Mineral County Board of Education recognizes that the schools of the County belong to all the people, are supported by the citizens, and are designed to carry out the wishes of the people which are reflected in the policies of the Board of Education. Consequently, official business of the Board shall be conducted only in legally-called open sessions. Every effort shall be made to keep the public informed about their schools.

ANNUAL MEETINGS: The Board of Education shall organize on the first Monday of July following each biennial primary election. The Board shall at this meeting also set the time for the regular monthly meetings. In addition, the Board shall meet annually between March 7th and March 28th to fix the estimated tax levy rates and report the same to the State Tax Commissioner. This meeting adjourns to the 3rd Tuesday in April. A public hearing shall be held concerning the preliminary operating budget for the next fiscal year not less than ten days after such budget has been made available to the public for inspection. At a meeting of the Board on or before the first Monday in May, the Superintendent shall furnish in writing to the Board a list of those teachers to be considered for non-renewal of probationary contract or transfer and subsequent assignment for the following year.

REGULAR MEETINGS. The regular meetings of the Mineral County Board of Education shall be public and held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the offices at One Baker Place, Keyser, West Virginia, unless otherwise notified on the agenda.

SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings shall be called by the president or any three (3) members of the Board. The notice of the date, time, place agenda and reason for the special meeting shall be made available to the public and media § 18-5-4(b), Code of West Virginia.  Only such business as is designated in the call for the special meeting shall be transacted.  The agenda shall be posted at the offices of the Mineral County Board of Education a minimum of two (2) days' advance notice of the date, time, place, and purpose of the special meeting.  

ADJOURNED MEETINGS. Any meeting adjourned for the purpose of continuing that meeting in a subsequent session is known as an adjourned meeting. The annual meeting held between March 7th and 28th to fix the estimated tax levy rates and report the same to the State Tax Commissioner adjourns to the 3rd Tuesday in April. A subsequent session of an adjourned meeting is not a separate meeting. Therefore, a Board member may not receive compensation for both the original meeting and the adjourned session.

PUBLIC NOTICE OF MEETINGS. An agenda for all meetings, except special meetings, shall be posted at the offices of the Mineral County Board of Education a minimum of three (3) calendar days prior to the day of the meeting. The agenda shall be sent to the news media requesting it and to each school in the county no later than one day after the official posting.

MINUTES. Each governing body shall provide for the preparation of written minutes of all of its meetings. Subject to the exceptions set forth in WV Code §6-9A-1-12, minutes of all meetings except minutes of executive sessions, if any are taken, shall be available to the public within a reasonable time after the meeting and shall include, at least, the following information:

(1) The date, time and place of the meeting;

(2) The name of each member of the governing body present and absent;

(3) All motions, proposals, resolutions, and measures proposed, the name of the person proposing the same and their disposition; and

(4) The results of all votes and, upon the request of a member, pursuant to the rules, policies or procedures of the Board of Education for recording roll call votes, the vote of each member by name.

Source: Board of Education Minutes

Legal Reference: School Laws of WV: §18-5-1c; §18-5-4; §11-8-9; §11-8-12a; §6-9A-1-12
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