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Keyser High School 328 One Tornado Way, Keyser, WV 26726            Phone: 304-788-4230            Fax: 304-788-4234

School Information

School Information
KHS Mission Statement

Our mission is to education each child to become a productive, cooperative, and participating citizen for the twenty-first century through establishing standards of excellence for career development and life-long learning.
  1. To create a safe, orderly, supportive learning environment for all children including those with disabilities.
  2. To provide a relevant curricula essential for participation in a global society.
  3. To understand individual differences and design appropriate and diverse opportunities and challenges.
With this mission in mind, we hold these goals for students:
  1. To demonstrate behavior essential for achievement.
  2. To work cooperatively, responsibly and productively.
  3. To develop individual strengths and talents while accepting and respecting those of others.
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