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Social Studies/ History

Social Studies and History

Honors Social Studies I (U.S. Social Studies to 1900) (Grade 9) 7009

This course is a survey in the relationship of the political, geographic, social and historical factors in the development of America from exploration to 1900. Students will read biographies, novels and primary documents to supplement the basal text. An in-depth analysis of the constitution and the formation of the federal system is included. An emphasis will be placed on the use of American experiences to help students develop critical thinking, study skills, oral and written communication and understand past experiences on future decision making.

Social Studies I (U.S. Social Studies to 1900) (Grade 9) 7009

This program of study follows the evolution of the Constitution as a living document and the role of participatory democracy in the development of a rapidly changing technological society. This study of the United States is an examination of the formative years from the Pre-Columbian civilizations to its transformation as a dominant political and economic influence in the world. Special emphasis is placed on how the challenges of settling expansive and widely-differing environments were met by a diverse population.

Honors Social Studies II (World History to 1900) (Grade 10) 7010

This course is a survey of various world cultures. Students will examine the distinguishing and unique features (religious, economics, political, historic) and major contributions from significant cultures. Independent study and research will culminate with oral presentations to appropriate audiences.

Social Studies II (World History to 1900) (Grades 10) 7010

This study of the world emphasizes the historic, economic, geographic, political, and social structure of various cultural regions of the world from the dawn of civilization to the interdependent world of the twentieth century. Special attention is given to the formation and evolution of societies into complex political and economic systems. Geography/map skills and critical thinking skills are emphasized.

Honors Social Studies III (20th/21st Century) (Grade 11) 7011

This course is an examination of the world in the twentieth century. Forces of nationalism, imperialism, conflict, cold war and the development of an interdependent world is the focus of study. Assignments are individualized considering a student's reading experience, research skills, interest and mastery of expository form.

Social Studies III (20th/21st Century) (Grade 11) 7011

The focus of this course is an identification and study of the interaction of geographic, political, economic and historical factors. Such factors provide students a framework to examine and appreciate the changing nature of societies and the increasing interdependency of the United States and the world. Students will contrast and evaluate past and present world concerns and hypothesize about problems and solutions for the future. Students will realize the importance of well-informed citizens in a diverse society and their place in the democratic process.

Advanced Placement American History (Grades 11-12) 7046

The purpose of the AP program in American History is to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with American History. The program prepares students for intermediate and advanced college courses by making demands upon them equivalent to those of a full-year introductory college course. Students should learn to assess historical materials and to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship. AP American History is designed to develop the skills necessary to arrive at conclusions on the basis of an informed judgment and to present reasons and evidence clearly and persuasively in essay format. Outside readings will be required. This course will provide replacement credit for Social Studies III, 20/ 21st Century.

Social Studies IV Civics/ Government (Grades 10-12) 7031

This course in government will help students understand the workings of their local, state and national governments and other political systems. Students will develop a basis for understanding the rights and responsibilities of citizens in American constitutional democracy and a framework for competent and responsible participation. Through examination and explication of the rule of law and the growing need for security, juxtaposed against citizens' guarantees for individual liberties, students will develop the skills and understanding necessary to evaluate and determine strategies for articulating and resolving conflicts between the two.

College Political Science (To be arranged) 70310X

This course is taught by a Potomac State College instructor and successful completion results in dual credit with Mineral County Schools and the West Virginia college system. Instructional goals for required 12th grade Civics are achieved if supplemental Personal Finance Standard is completed successfully.

Advanced Placement American Government (Gr. 11-12) 7044

AP American Government is an elective course of study that will provide students with an understanding of government from its founding to the present. Students will explore public policy and opinion as well as gain a background in how the United States government impacts the world community. Course completion and success on an AP exam earns college credit. Outside readings and a summer project will be required. This course will provide credit for the Civics/ Government required elective.

Economics (Grades 10-12) 7032

Students will reason logically about key economic issues that affect their lives as workers, consumers, and citizens. Students will understand the forces that affect them every day as they identify and evaluate the consequences of personal decisions. As resources become scarce, as the economic environment changes, and as the economic impact of decisions becomes more immediate, students must know how to use economic analysis to solve the complex problems they face now and in the future. This course will emphasize the need to make sense of the array of economic concepts, facts, events, observations and issues in everyday life and the ability to make effective decisions about economic issues.

Geography (Grades 10-12) 7033

Students will understand, and appreciate the web of relationships between people, places, and environments. Geography provides knowledge of Earth's physical and human systems and of the interdependency of living things and physical environments. This course will stress the contemporary world and the role of the U.S. in the global community. Students will use geographic perspectives and technology to interpret culture, environment and the connection between them.

Psychology and Human Development (Grades 11-12) 7321

Psychology is the study of the nature and functions of the mind, personality and human behavior. This course is recommended for students considering a career involving social services

College Psychology (Grades 12) 7321

This is a three hour survey of psychology taught by a Potomac State College instructor. Psychology is the study of the nature and functions of the mind, personality and human behavior. Completion of a class group project, written reports and participation in a debate or presentation is expected.

Sociology (Grades 11-12) 7341

This course will teach a comprehensive examination of the basic concepts, principles and methods central to the scientific study of sociology. Sociology is the systematic study of relationships among people, the assumption being that behavior is influenced by social, political, occupational and intellectual groupings and by the particular settings in which individuals find themselves.
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