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Title II

Title II

Part A- Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals

Part B- Enhancing Education Through Technology

West Virginia LEA (School District) Formula Application

Cover Sheet

1. Legal Name of Applicant Agency (LEA):

Mineral County Board of Education

2. Employer Identification Number (EIN):


3. Applicant Address

1 Baker Place

Keyser, WV 26726

4. Contact Information – All questions regarding application will be directed to this person.

Name: Mike Burke

Position: Director, General Education

Phone: 304 788 4200

Fax: 304 788 4204


5. Applicant is applying as a consortium.

If yes, please check this box. à

6. Applicant is applying as a Technology Model School.

If yes, please check this box à Mineral will follow a revision of the TMS model


7. Applicant is applying for what type of funds?

Formula Competitive Combined

8. To the best of my knowledge and belief, all data in this application are true and correct. The applicant has duly authorized the document and will comply with the guidelines and assurances if the grant is awarded.

A. Typed Name: Tilden Hackworth

Superintendent of _Mineral________ County

B. Phone: 304 788 4200

C. Signature of County Superintendent in BLUE INK:

D. Date: 12/028/04

E. Amount Requested: $35,696.81

Number of Pages Including

This Page: _11 w attachment

Instructions: Submit six (6) copies, including one copy with ORIGINAL signature in BLUE ink, five additional paper copies of the complete application, and one electronic copy on a 3.5 diskette in either Word or WP format.

Applications must be received in the WVDE Office of Technology by January 18,2005. No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.

Send applications to:

John Merritt, Ed Tech Coordinator

Office of Technology & Information Systems

West Virginia Department of Education

1900 Kanawha Blvd., East

Building 6, Room 346

Charleston, WV 25305


Part A – Partnerships

This application for formula funds will provide partial funding for technology training and staff development support for all Mineral County middle and elementary schools: Elk Garden Primary, New Creek Primary, Burlington Primary, Keyser P/M, Fountain Primary, Fort Ashby Primary, Wiley Ford Primary, Frankfort Intermediate and Frankfort Middle School. Nine schools will be involved which serve approximately 3026 students with 229 teachers. All funds will be dispersed from the LEA with no transfer of funds.

Part B – Extent of Need

1) Detailed description of the schools and the educational need:

Mineral County Schools have technology resources available that should be more fully utilized toward instructional improvement. OEPA Accreditation reports, HSTW and MSTW technical assistance visits and evaluation reports have indicated the need for teacher raining to improve the use of technology in instruction. County teachers and administrators have also voiced their knowledge of these needs. Greatest need appears to be at the primary and middle school programmatic levels where the Ed Tech Specialist position, originated in 2003 with ED TECH round one funds, is the only solution yet found to provide time for skilled professionals to assist one another. Where time might be found, the professionals who can lend assistance to another are always encumbered with the needs of their own classrooms.

Schools that will benefit are:

Elk Garden Primary- 75 students and 7 teachers

New Creek Primary- 162 students and 12 teachers

Burlington Primary- 151 students and 13 teachers

Keyser P/M- 1308 students and 88 teachers

Fountain Primary- 143 students and 12 teachers

Fort Ashby Primary- 261 students and 16 teachers

Wiley Ford Primary- 178 students and 13 teachers

Frankfort Intermediate- 254 students and 17 teachers

Frankfort Middle School- 598 students and 38 teachers

(2) Data to support the educational needs:

The Mineral County Board of Education recognizes the need for staff development to address County USIP Board Goal 2: Ninety percent (90%) of Mineral County students will be at or above the mastery level in all areas of the WESTEST. West Virginia Achieves and NCLB require that 100% of students meet mastery level by 2014.

Included in the latest West Virginia State OEPA Accreditation report:

Limited use of classroom technology and little use of computer labs is noted. It is recommended that staff development be provided to teachers in an effort to improve use in teaching and instruction.

The latest High Schools That Work technical assistance visit report of March, 2002, states:

Schools need to expand the use of existing technology laboratories, including computer applications
and distance learning. Staff development opportunities should be provided to address the needs of
the school and to encourage conceptual learning through technology.

The latest Middle Schools That Work technical assistance visit team report:

The team found the first major challenge county wide to be the use of technology. While the team
found evidence that training had taken place, strategies have not been regularly incorporated into


instruction, and a need is identified for staff training and support. County teachers and
administrators have joined in discussion of these needs through requests to the county staff
development council and to school principals. Both have attempted to address some needs as
possible within their limited budgets and the limited training time available.


Greatest need appears to be at the primary and middle school programmatic levels where the ED Tech position is the only solution yet found to provide time for skilled professionals to assist one another.

Part C – Goals

(1) Mineral County technology plan goals and objectives:

Instructional Goal Statement:

Ninety percent (90%) of Mineral County students will be at or above the mastery level in all areas
of the WESTEST. West Virginia Achieves and NCLB require that 100% of students meet mastery
level by 2014.

Objective Statement #1

Staff Development support will be provided to assist teachers toward technology infusion into instruction.

Objective Statement #2

Schools will receive necessary hardware, software, and technical resources to achieve county technology goals.

Objective Statement #3

Technology will be implemented into instruction in order to improve teaching and learning.

(2) These goals will be advanced through Ed Tech funds with focus on objective 1:

Staff Development support will be provided to assist teachers toward technology infusion into

(3) Describe other goals and objectives that will be addressed.

Focus is on objective 1. The technology curriculum specialist is in a unique
position to assist with all county technology goals and objectives. The other assistance will
speed technical resources and improves access that helps toward achieving the main
objective of the position.

(4) Many goals of specific targeted schools are addressed in this project plan through the technology curriculum specialist position, scheduled to work in selected schools to provide training in the use of technology and staff development in the integration of technology in support of better instruction. All schools are directed to include staff development and support in their individual school technology plans. This is also a required component for participation in the Governor’s Basic Skills Computer Program. While the Basic Skills program requires a level of training, this Ed Tech project will provide continuous, regular support for teachers working toward full technology integration. School principals and teachers will be able to identify their needs throughout the school year and receive quick response.

(5) County plans are consistent with school plans. The county plan is based upon needs identified in school plans. This project has been reviewed by the county technology coordinating committee which is made up of school technology contacts from each school.
Page 3

Part D – Use of Funds

(1) How will the requested Ed Tech Funds be used to support the educational needs of the district and schools?

Ed tech funds will be combined with local funds to fund a professional position of Technology Curriculum Specialist to help serve the training and staff development needs of Mineral County’s primary and middle schools. Title II funds have been used to employ a second technology specialist in order to cut the burden and improve the services for this original position.

(2) Describe personnel that will be involved in the implementation and management of the grant funds.

This specialist works directly in schools under the direction of the county curriculum
department and the school principal, directed by the Director of General Education. Grant
funds are administered by the director who will also be responsible for requesting such

additional funds as will be necessary to carry out the training responsibilities. School

technology chairpersons and school principals help in design of school level job tasks and

the regular input that is necessary to address needs as they arise.

(3) Provide a clear description of the activities to be implemented and explain how the activities relate to improved student learning or academic achievement?

The Technology Curriculum Specialist position provides on-site encouragement and support to teachers and administrators in the use of technology to support instruction, learning assessment, curriculum development, communication, collaboration, research, text and multimedia production, resource access, and classroom management. This individual helps coordinate the use of technology in schools for effective access and utilization, and trains in the application of technology toward the improvement of student learning and academic achievement. The specialist must have a teaching certificate and must provide evidence of successful teaching experience using technology. The specialist must have good organizational skills and people skills, the ability to communicate technology in layman's terms, and knowledge of effective technology utilization and application in a single computer classroom, triple computer classroom, as well as in a classroom lab with multiple computers.


The employee provides on-site encouragement and support to teachers, administrators, and students in the use of technology to support instruction, learning assessment, curriculum development, communication, collaboration, research, text and multimedia production, resource access, and classroom management.

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

1. Planning:

· Incorporate principles of the county technology plan into the development of
the instructional technology staff development program.

· Develop and coordinate implementation of the county instructional technology
staff development program.

· Serve as a member of county committees for the development of activities,
training materials and programs to disseminate technology information and
promote cooperation among schools.

Page 4

· Design, coordinate and provide technology inservice opportunities for school-
based personnel.

· Assist educators in planning for the use and integration of educational
technology into the instructional program

· Recommend budget requirements for effective county technology purchases

2. Through regularly scheduled visits to schools, provide on-going training for teachers in effective utilization of technology and provide such on-site technical assistance as necessary to facilitate that process.

· access data and resources to develop curricula and instructional materials;

· enable teachers to use the Internet and other technology to communicate with
parents, other teachers, principals, and administrators

· enable teachers to retrieve Internet-based learning resources;

· lead to improvements in classroom instruction in the core academic subjects, that
effectively prepare students to meet challenging State academic content standards
and student academic achievement standards.

3. Coordinate and communicate with technical services personnel (RESA and others) and support personnel (IBM, Compass, SUCCESS, Pomeroy and others).

4. Assist with data gathering and on going evaluation of the county instructional technology plan and make program modification recommendations as needed.

5. Assist in the implementation of standard inventory and repair procedures.

6. Other duties which the director of General Education may assign.

(4) Describe the specific ongoing, sustained, professional development activities that will be provided to support this effort. (At least 25% of funds must be used for this purpose.)

One hundred percent of funds for this project application will be used to provide technology staff development and support.

(5) Include a description of the type of technology to be acquired, if any, including provisions for interoperability of components and how the technology will be used.

Grant funds will not be used for the purchase of technology.

Page 5
Part E – Evaluation

(1) Describe the process and accountability measures that were developed to evaluate effectiveness in integration of technology into curricula and instruction.

Accountability measures to evaluate the extent to which activities funded under this program are effective in integrating technology into curricula and instruction will include an evaluation of standardized tests that demonstrate improved student achievement. An examination of student products, teacher surveys and/or other documentation will show an increased number lessons and effective use of technology.

(2) Describe the process and accountability measures that were developed to evaluate the extent to which activities are effective in increasing the ability of teachers to teach.

Teacher use of technology will increase as documented in lab use schedules, lesson plan and other documentation as indicated in principal evaluations.

(3) Describe the process and accountability measures that were developed to evaluate activities effective in enabling students to meet challenging State standards.

Student test scores will demonstrate growth. Mineral County relies upon CTB Testmate Clarity and WVEIS programs WVS.777 and WVS.773 for evaluation, diagnosis and communication of student achievement data. All schools are required to evaluate local data and write improvement plans to address school needs. Growth trends are publicly available information.

(4) Describe the data that will be collected, how often it will be collected, by whom the data will be collected and what instruments will be used to collect such data.

· A summary of school and county level trainings will be written and evaluated yearly by the Technology Curriculum Specialist for the Director of General Education.

· Teachers will demonstrate increased use of technology in instruction through school level teacher documentation or principal evaluation and documentation yearly.

· Increased use of technology will focus on student needs as verified by student products, technology curriculum specialist planning documentation and other teacher documentation that is provided to the principal yearly.

(5) List the key personnel that will be involved in the data collection and their qualifications.

· school principals, all hold masters degrees and are responsible for overall success of their schools;

· school technology chairpersons, certified and technology trained teachers at the programmatic grade level of their service;

· technology curriculum specialist, a certified professional teacher with demonstrated ability to use technology in effective instruction,

· director of general education, master degreed with experience and certification in instructional supervision.

Page 6

Part F – Budget

(1) Provide a detailed budget for all components of the application.

(2) List item, amount and vendor of record.

(3) Include appropriate program/function codes. Program/function codes for budget line items may be obtained from each county financial office.

(4) Relate the costs to the activities that will be performed to meet each goal of the project.






Professional Salary



Page 7

Part F – Timelines

(1) Provide a detailed timeline for each component of the application.

This project will result in continuation of the Educational Technology Specialist professional position for the purpose of on going technology training and professional staff development. If successful, Mineral plans application in future years to sustain this effort over time toward accomplishment of the county technology goal. Salary will be supplemented from local funds. All grant moneys will be expended as salary for this position.

Page 10

Form B


By receiving funds under this grant award, I hereby agree, as grantee, to comply with the following terms and conditions:

(1) Programs and projects funded in total or in part through this grant will operate in compliance with State and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and amendments, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 34, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Education Department General Administration Regulations (EDGAR), the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(2) The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) may, as it deems necessary, supervise, evaluate and provide guidance and direction to grantee in the conduct of activities performed under this grant. However, failure of the WVDE to supervise, evaluate, or provide guidance and direction shall not relieve grantee of any liability for failure to comply with the terms of the grant award.

(3) Grantee shall establish and maintain fiscal control and fund accounting procedures, as set forth in 34 CFR Parts 76 and 80 and in applicable State law and regulation.

(4) Grantee shall adhere to WVDE reporting requirements, including submission of progress reports.

(5) Grantee will adhere to State Board Policy 6200 when installing local area network cabling.

(6) Grantee will adhere to all copyright laws and restrictions and obtain any licenses or clearances that may be necessary for installing equipment or utilizing software.

(7) Grantee must obtain prior approval from the WVDE program coordinator before implementing any programmatic changes with respect to the purpose for which the grant was awarded.

(8) Grantee will provide staff development as described in their grant application, regardless of when the grant is received and regardless of any delay in the implementation of the award.

(9) Grantee will use at least 25 percent of its funds to provide ongoing, sustained, and intensive, high-quality professional development.

(10) Grantee will follow all applicable local purchasing and personnel procedures prior to implementing an Enhancing Education Through Technology Award.

(11) Grantee is certified compliant, through the E-rate program, with the Children’s Internet Protection Act requirements.

I further certify that all of the facts, figures, and representations made with respect to the grant application and grant award, including exhibits and attachments, are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.

County Superintendent’s Signature _______________________________________Date 12/29/04

Form C


(1) When and how were consultations with representatives of nonpublic schools held prior to development of this proposal? Please attach the following:

a. a copy of the letter that was sent inviting nonpublic school representatives to participate in consultations;


b. a list of nonpublic school representatives to whom the letter was sent;

Lu Ann Miller

c. a list of nonpublic school representatives who participated in consultations.

Lu Ann Miller attended the August 2003 County Staff Development Day program.

(2) List the nonpublic schools that will benefit through this funding and describe how they will benefit.

Small World Academy
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