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Title III

Title III

The school enrollment form provides initial identification of those who need to be screened for English proficiency. Next please notify the Title III director (Rob Woy) if any student has a native or home language other than English.

The WVDE webpage for LEP is at . There is a great deal of useful information there, including a toolkit for the classroom teacher and a translation page that can help meet the federal requirement to provide documents in the parent’s native language. Rubrics can be found that will help with service decisions.

After a student is identified:

  1. The LEP Assessment Participation Document is to be initiated and completed within 30 days. The student is enrolled in the most age appropriate class.
  2. The student is identified in WVEIS from the “Access to All Students” screen.
  1. A school level LEP committee is convened during the 30 day period to address service needs and to decide how best to include the LEP student in the assessment process. All LEP students are to be included.
  1. Administration of the Woodcock Munoz can be requested of Student Services for help in placement and services decision making. This instrument provides data which dictates the level of service an LEP student should receive. Scores from Woodcock Munoz are to be entered in the WVEIS LEP status screen.
  1. If the student is eligible for service, the parent is to be notified of eligibility. That notification form is available from the Connections web site.
  1. Service may be provided after assessment, parent notification and LEP committee consideration. The LEP Assessment Documentation Form should be completed at this time. If the parent denies permission to provide ESL services, he/she must sign an Entrance/Denial Form that must be kept on file.

  1. The student may receive modified classroom instruction and/or other services until required proficiency is obtained. Exit information is to be included in the WVEIS LEP information screen. Communication with the parent is necessary. The exited LEP student is to be monitored for two years.
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