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A front view of FMS. When it's your first time in the snow and Mom makes you wear a Santa hat! There's snowbody better to sled with than a friend! It snowed so much Elsa came to visit! Some people drink cocoa, others run! This is the reason FHS Cross Country is #1! Big brothers can be nice when they give you a lift! Perfect weather to sit outside! Having snow much fun today! "If you're lucky enough to live in the mountains, you're lucky enough." Cats know just how to spend a snowy day "I'm not sure about this outfit or the snow, Mom!" Mrs. Burner takes her dogs for a walk FMS from above. Miss Dawn's bus gets a snow day too! It was the perfect day for baking Rushing outside to catch the first flakes! Mrs. Sheetz and her boys enjoying the snow day! This little girl is ready to do a snow dance! FMS at the end of the day.

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News and Announcements

Gardener's Candy Sale

Gardner's Candy Fundraiser forms have been sent out to all students.  The money and order forms are due back to the office by February 26, 2021.  Orders can also be placed online at using our Group ID #: 10-0948.  Orders placed on the website ship directly to the buyer and may be placed on the website through March 29, 2021.  
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Help Hotline

During these stressful times, there is help available. Please see the following information and reach out to them if you have a need.

HELP4WV has a variety of support lines for West Virginia. Just recently they have introduced the Child's Crisis Line. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist families in finding the most appropriate and available treatment for a variety of youth behavioral and mental health needs. From parenting support to immediate crisis response, contact 1-844-HELP4WV to talk to a trained Helpline Specialist who can help you understand options and link you directly to treatment providers.

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Device Maintenance and Tips

Device/Netbook Announcements

All links can be found on the FMS webpage.

When logging into Schoology, go to the FMS website and the Schoology for Students link. Then, choose the blue link and log in or you can go to the Mineral County Schools website.

Use Google Chrome when working on the Internet. If you have a personal device, it is recommended that you download Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is sometimes causing issues, such as linking Google Drive and OneDrive.

School headphones are to stay in the phone/shoe organizer at the end of each day. If you have your own headphones, you may use them. Do not take your school purchased headphones home so that you have them if you need them for school. You will have to use your own headphones at home or go to a quiet room to work at home.

You do not need to bring school assigned netbook chargers to school. If you need to charge a school netbook, there will be carts in the hallways that you may ask your teacher to charge. However, PLEASE charge your devices each night so that they are ready for school. Students with personal devices will need to bring their chargers to school. In addition, DO NOT leave your device plugged in. Only plug in a device when the battery in low and needs charged. Leaving the device plugged in all the time will cause the battery to stop working and then the device will not work without being plugged in.

Do not close your device until all lights are off. If you close the device before it shuts down, it will not work properly and will go into sleep mode.

You should not have any food or drink around your devices when you are working. This will damage the device.

Clean your devices at home regularly with a damp wipe; use a damp cloth with water ONLY on screen.

Students with personal devices will need to log onto the FMSGuest wireless network. The password is also FMSGuest. Students with a personal device should write this down on their blue sheet in their planner.

You are responsible for your device. Any damage to a school device will be the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. TAKE CARE OF YOUR DEVICES!

It is the student and parent/guardian responsibility to have or attain internet access either at home or to transport students to a school hotspot.

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Mission Statement

Learn, Teach, Be The Best

That's How We Grow At FMS

We Take The Challenge And We Achieve

Our Main Goal Is To Always Believe 


Vision Statement 

F  Foster Learning Opportunities

M  Make and Maintain Relationships

S  Safety For All 

Upcoming Events

Spring Scholastic Book Fair

Mon Mar 1 2021
to Fri Mar 5 2021

Mineral County Stem Festival

Sat Mar 13 2021
to Sat Feb 13 2021

Daylight Saving Time Ends

Sun Mar 14 2021

3 Hour Early Dismissal

Thu Apr 1 2021

Easter Break

Fri Apr 2 2021
to Mon Apr 5 2021

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March 2021
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