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Annual Public Report
August 2013

Mineral County Pre-K Head Start


The Mineral County Head Start program, in existence for over 40 years, is blended with the county school system’s universal Pre-K program.  During the 2012-2013 program year, this successful collaboration provided thirteen Pre-K Head Start classrooms and three preschool special needs classroom throughout Mineral County.  Classrooms are located in Burlington, Elk Garden, Fountain, New Creek and Wiley Ford Primary Schools, as well as the Frankfort Intermediate School and the Keyser Pre-K Head Start Center.  Certified teachers utilize Creative Curriculum, the WV Early Learning Standards, and Head Start Child Outcomes to guide children’s learning and development.  Along with educational opportunities, the program provides routine health services with hearing, speech and vision screenings and ongoing monitoring by the school nurse.  The program’s support staff assists and support families in meeting their goals and obtaining other needed services in the community. 


For FY 2012-2013, Mineral County Pre-K/Head Start received $860,399 in federal funds from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Budgetary Expenditures FY 2012 - 2013:





Proposed Budget FY 2013- 2014:


Total Number of Children and Families Served:
During the 2012-2013 program year, the program served 173 children and 170 families, Head Start-eligible.

Mineral County Pre-K Head Start maintained an average monthly enrollment of 158 Head Start-eligible children, consistently exceeding the funded enrollment of 134 children.  The average of total Pre-K/Head Start enrollment was 270 children.

Results of Most Recent Federal Review:
All Head Start programs undergo an extensive Federal On-Site Review once every three years.  The review focuses on the program’s compliance with all the applicable Head Start Program Performance Standards, laws, regulations and policy requirements.  During the April 2011 monitoring, the federal review team found Mineral County Pre/K Head Start to be in compliance in all areas, with only several out of compliance standards.  A plan of action was submitted to the Office of Head Start Bureau and Regional Office in Philadelphia.  The Program Specialist made a follow-up visit in November, 2011 and found all implemented plans to be in accordance with performance standards.  The program was recognized for strengths in training, literacy, and language development.

Results of Most Recent Financial Audit:

Section I Summary of Audit Results
Financial Statements                                                                                                  
Type of auditor’s report issued:  Unqualified                                                            
Internal control over financial reporting:                                                                   
Material weakness identified? No                                                                                
Significant deficiencies that are not considered to be material weakness? None        
Non compliance material to financial statements? No        
Federal Awards                                                                                                       
Internal control over major programs                                                                      
Material weakness identified? No                                                                          
Significant deficiencies identified that are not considered to be material weakness? None
Type of auditor’s report issued on compliance for major programs: Unqualified
Any audit findings disclosed that are required to be reported in accordance with Circular A-122 Section 510(a)? No

Section II Financial Statement Findings:  No matters were reported
Percentage of Enrolled Children Receiving Medical and Dental Exams:

During the 2012-2013 program year, 97% of enrolled children received physical examinations, and 91% of enrolled children received dental examinations.

Information about Parent Involvement Activities:
Once a child is enrolled in the program, parents automatically become partners in the program.  Parents are encouraged and given many opportunities to become an important part of their children’s education.  Parent involvement occurs through home visits, parent-teacher conferences, classroom orientations, Parent Center Committee and Policy Council meetings, participation in Health and Education Advisory and Program Self-Assessment Committees, Family Literacy & “Dad’s” Night activities, field trips and classroom volunteering.  Parents are also invited to attend the Celebrating Connections Conference, the annual WV Early Childhood Conference.  Parents are informed of program and classroom activities through the SchoolReach system, newsletters, flyers and personal contact.  Parents are reminded that they are their child’s most important and primary teacher.  The program implemented PSTEPS, an online program management system, which parents can use to apply for enrollment of their children.

Program Efforts to Prepare Children for Kindergarten:
Mineral County Pre-K/ Head Start utilizes Creative Curriculum, which is aligned with WV Early Learning Standards and Head Start Child Outcomes for learning and transitioning.  Transitioning occurs throughout the year as children enter Pre-K/ Head Start from the Birth to Three program, other childcare/daycare centers, and home.  Most children transitioning from our program are entering Kindergarten. 

WV PreK utilizes the Early Learning Scale, developed by NIEER (National Institute for Early Education Research), as the ongoing Child Assessment System.  Teachers assess and document each child’s progress of goals in the following three domains:  math and science; social/emotional and social studies; and language and literacy; as well as physical development and the arts. Teachers use this information to plan for each child’s individual progress.  The program’s School Readiness Goals address these essential domains of development and early learning as well as family engagement.  The program supports school readiness in children to possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in school and for later learning and life.  The WV Early Learning Standards and the WV Kindergarten CSO’s are aligned on a continuum of development.

In January, this program sends a list of prospective students to the receiving Kindergarten teachers.  The Pre-K/ Head Start staff complete home visits with the families in March.  At this time, transition is discussed and a Kindergarten readiness checklist is shared with the parents.  Kindergarten Transition Workshops are scheduled in April and are held in the months of April and May.  During these workshops, the students and their parents visit the Kindergarten classrooms, meet the staff, tour the facilities and the buses, etc.  Children’s records, including the children’s assessment information, are transferred and the sending and receiving teachers meet to discuss the students at the end of the school year.  This year, all kindergarten transitioning children received a “Letter of Welcome,” and a kindergarten transition booklet.

Our Commitment
The vision of the school system is to inspire students to become high achieving, creative, lifelong learners and productive, caring, responsible, American citizens.

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