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Mineral County Alternative Program 89 Baker Place, Keyser, WV 26726            Phone: 304-788-4213            Fax: 304-788-8423
10th-12th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  Jonathan Lewis (FHS),  2nd place:  Christian Cimaglia (FHS), 3rd place:  Orion Helmick (FHS), 4th place: Matthew Watkins (FHS), 5th place: Corey Brieloff (FHS), 6th place: Logan Proud (KHS), 7th Place: Trenton Burns (KHS), 8th Place: Jade Cordial (FHS), 9th Place: John Connor Del Signore (KHS), 10th Place: Mason Belt (FHS) 1st Alternate: Lonnie Pridemore (KHS), 2nd Alternate:  Kate Linthicum (FHS), 3rd Alternate: Liza Litten (KHS), 4th Alternate:  Matthew Heavener (KHS), and 5th Alternate: Brian Liller (KHS). 9th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  Caden Youngblood (KHS),  2nd place:  Garrett Ferguson (FHS), 3rd place:  Luke Duncan (FHS), 1st Alternate:  Nathan Lange (FHS), and 2nd Alternate:  Charity Lark (KHS). 8th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  Micah Thompson (FMS),  2nd place:  Adyn Weaver (FMS), 3rd place: Caleb Kerns (FMS), 1st Alternate:  Ashlynn Crowe (FMS), and 2nd Alternate:  Lydia Helle (FMS). 7th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  Dean Shupe (FMS),  2nd place:  Quinn Mandell (FMS), 3rd place:  Grace Reckley (FMS), 1st Alternate:  Brandon Hoppert (FMS), and 2nd Alternate:  Jett Sanders (KMS). 6th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  Isaac Jones (KMS),  2nd place:  Brennen Townshend (FMS), 3rd place:  Jaedyn Kaiser (KMS), 1st Alternate: Owen Rotruck (KMS), and 2nd Alternate:  Isaac Robinson (FMS). 5th Graders (l-r) 1st place:  James Alek Bowser (FMS),  2nd place:  Bailey Ferguson (FMS), 3rd place:  Kohl Shobe (KMS), 1st Alternate:  Jackson Swingle (KMS), and 2nd Alternate:  Carson Paugh (KMS). The FFA Meats Evaluation Team who won 1st place in a state career development event were recognized at a board of education meeting. Pictured are: Sarah Sions, Adam Iser, Evan Matlick, Dylan Wilson and Superintendent Ravenscroft. Keyser Middle School chorus performs for the student body. Keyser Middle School band performs for the student body. State champion FFA Ag Mechanics Team:  Adam Iser (2nd place individual), Roy Ketterman, Hunter High, Bradley Summers, Dylan Wilson.

Mineral County Alternative Program

Mineral County Alternative Program
Mineral County Alternative Program
89 Baker Place
Keyser, WV 26726
Phone: 304-788-4213 
Fax: 304-788-8423
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