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Our mission is to provide safe transportation to all students. In order to guarantee your child and other students riding the bus safe transportation, we are utilizing the following discipline plan starting today. (AM/PM emergency cards must be returned to the bus operator or the student will be denied transportation.)

OUR PHILOSOPHYY: We believe all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. We will tolerate no student keeping drivers from doing their job or preventing other students from having safe transportation.

OUR BUS RULES: Passengers must:

1.Obey the directions of the driver.

2.Stay in assigned seat at all times.

3.Keep head, hands and feet inside bus.

4.Refrain from bringing knives, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, tobacco products, controlled substances, boomboxes, glass bottles, cans, balloons and aerosol cans on the bus.

5.Refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, spitting, shoving, pushing, fighting, swearing or using rude gestures on the bus.

6.Refrain from acts of vandalism and destruction of transportation property and/or property belonging to other students. (Parents will be assessed for damages.)


1st Incident: Driver verbally warns student. Driver may also call parent as a courtesy.

2nd Incident: Driver completes conduct form and form is sent home for parents to sign. Form must be returned to the driver the next day the student rides the bus or the child may not ride. In addition, the driver may at their discretion contact the parent by phone.

3rd Incident: Parent will be contacted by principal whereby a parent conference may be requested and/or student may be denied bus privileges making the parents responsible for student transportation.

SEVERE DISRUPTION: Inappropriate behavior which is considered severe will result in exclusion from the bus and suspension from school, which may occur without any previous warnings. In addition, such misbehavior may result in legal action. Behaviors, which are considered severe, are identified in the student code of conduct. See school handbook.

Note: In the event your child is disruptive on the evening run and is (excluded) denied transportation privileges for the following day, the driver and/or transportation office will notify you. The principal may administer additional punishment.


Please note that the use of video cameras helps us in assessing student behavior and in evaluating drivers. Video/audio recorders will be used on all buses.


Your signature will be requested on the bus emergency enrollment card to indicate to us that you have received a copy of the discipline plan for transporting of your children to school. Failure to return emergency enrollment cards will result in loss of bus privileges.

Please help us ensure your child’s safety by following these simple but important procedures:

Provide your child with a backpack or bookbag. Loose papers or other items are dangerous as children get off the bus.

Check your child’s clothing for the presence of long drawstrings or other dangling items. Long drawstrings or other dangling items could get snagged in the bus door as the child gets off the bus, and should be removed from clothing. Bright clothing and clothing or backpacks with reflective material makes your child more visibe at the bus stop.

Make sure your child arrives at the designated bus stop five minutes early each day. Children who are late for the bus may panic and chase it, or run into the road.

Insist that your child wait for the bus safely in an orderly fashion, back from the roadway. Behavior problems atthe bus stop can create hazardous conditions for children.

When the bus arrives, your child should wait for the bus driver’s signal before boarding. Children should boarding a single file.

Teach your child to sit quietly on the ride to and from school. Behaviors problems could distract the bus driver and result in an accident.

NOTE: If it is necessary for a student to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop after school, the parent/guardian needs to send in a signed note requesting permission. The note must be approved andsigned by a school administrator.

It is important that our drivers are able to concentrate on driving the route safely. If anything makes your child feel unsafe at the bus stop or on the bus ride, please contact us at the transportation department, rather than trying to discuss it at the bus stop.

We are deeply committed to the safety of your child.

Thank you!

Mineral County Transportation Department

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