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2019 Service Personnel of the Year

The Mineral County Board of Education is seeking nominations for their annual Service Personnel of the Year recognition program.

Nomination packets have been sent to each school and work location. Nomination packets are also available at the Administrative Office, 36 Baker Place, Keyser, WV.

A nominee must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current service personnel employee
  • Have completed the past three years as a service employee in Mineral County (Persons currently on an approved leave-of-absence or who have been in the past three years are eligible.)
  • Provide verification of eligibility, and consent to participate. Previous Service Personnel of the Year winners are ineligible.
  • Agree to apply for the 2019 West Virginia Board of Education School Service Personnel Employee of the Year.

A candidate should:

ü Be exceptionally dedicated to perform duties as a service employee, in whatever category they are employed, in a positive manner within the school system, having respect and admiration of co-workers and school staff

ü Show efforts of support to their fellow service employees

ü Show a readiness, willingness, and ability to cooperate with all people with whom they come in contact.

Superintendent Dilly is pleased with this program which is an opportunity for a service personnel employee to help communicate their excellence of service to the public.

He explained that like the Teacher of the Year Program, the individual named as Service Personnel of the Year will be a representative of the many outstanding employees who make our schools operate efficiently.

Service personnel categories include: aides/paraprofessionals, bus operators/mechanics, cooks, custodians, maintenance, and secretaries. In short, regular employees who are not counted as professional personnel.

The Superintendent will establish a selection committee that will make a recommendation to the Board. This committee will consist of past recipients of Service Personnel of the Year.

Nominations are to be turned in to the Superintendent by 4 p.m., Friday, March 15th. The 2019 Mineral County Service Personnel of the Year will be named and recognized at a reception in the spring.

Questions concerning this service personnel recognition program should be addressed to Superintendent Dilly, 304-788-4200, 36 Baker Place, Keyser, WV, 26726.

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