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Frankfort High School Recognized as a WV Distinguished School
Kathy Hypes and Nancy White were present at the January 15th Board of Education meeting to recognize Frankfort High School for being a WV Distinguished School. 
The state's new accountability system for schools and districts measures student and school performance on multiple indicators of success; such as: math english language arts achievement and progress, attendance, post-secondary achievement and graduate rate.
The West Virginia Board and Department of Education are recognizing schools based on the individual measures which define student academic performance, growth and school quality.
This year, 51 schools are  being recognized for exceeding standards on one or more of the indicators identified from the 2017-2018 WV Schools Balanced Scorecard. Only 51 out of 634 schools in our state, and Frankfort High School is one of the 51.
On behalf of Dr. Steven Paine, State Superintendent of Schools, and the West Virginia Board of Education, Principal Riley and Assistant Principal Haines were presented a plaque for exceeding standards in the area of their graduation rate of 99.29%.
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