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2018 Teacher of The Year

         Nominations for Mineral County’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year are now being accepted.  Faculty Senate Chairpersons, LSIC Chairpersons, Parent Coordinators, colleagues, students, former students, parents, members of parent or booster groups, and citizens of the community may nominate a teacher for this recognition.  Forms are available at all schools and at the Mineral County Board of Education Office.

          Nominations are to be received by Susan Grady, Director of Human Resources, by March 29, 2018.   Nominees must agree to be considered for this honor, sign the nomination form, and complete the required application materials.

          This recognition is open to early childhood, middle/junior high, and adolescent level teachers of all subject areas.

The candidate should:

   •  be an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher in any state-approved or accredited school, pre-kindergarten through grade 12, who is planning to continue in an active teaching status (supervisory and administrative responsibilities should be of a secondary consideration);

     •  inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;

     •  have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues;

     •  play an active and useful role in the community as well as in the school;

     •  be poised, articulate, and possess good communication skills.


          The Teacher of the Year Selection Committee is made up of past Mineral County Teachers of the Year, selected principals, and selected Board Office staff.  The Superintendent will be responsible for making the formal selection and announcement.

          The Mineral County Board of Education sponsors the Teacher of the Year Program in Mineral County Schools, and the WV Board of Education sponsors the program on the state level.  West Virginia’s Teacher of the Year is a candidate for National Teacher of the Year.

          Individuals or groups who may be interested in supporting this recognition program to honor outstanding teachers may contact Mrs. Grady.

          Questions concerning the Teacher of the Year recognition program, selection process, or eligibility should be directed to Mrs. Grady at (304) 788-4200, ext. 118, at the Board Office.

Attachments Available To Download:
Application Form
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