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Title I Overview


Title I began in 1965 as Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which was reauthorized in 2001 in the No Child Left Behind Act.  It is the U.S. Government's oldest and largest federal aid to education program for elementary and secondary schools in existence today.  Title I funds are allocated to schools that have a high percentage of students eligible for free or reduced lunch.  Title I money must be used to supplement - not replace - what is provided by the local school district for all other schools.

The Title I grant focuses on the following goals:
  • Develop reading skills
  • Develop math skills
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Encourage family engagement 
Title I Mission
Parents, families, educators, and community members work together as partners, sharing the accountability and desire to improve the achivement of all students.
To achieve this mission we embrace these principles:
  • Parent, families, educators, and communities are mutually accountable for increasing parental involvement in student achievement
  • Schools maintain a welcoming environment.
  • Ongoing training is provided to enable parents and educators to be full partners.
  • Schools respond to the diverse needs of our parents, families, and communities. 
Schools are served with Title I funds in rank order on a per-pupil basis.  The rank order is determined by the percentage of low-income students compared to the overall student population.
Title I funded schools fall into two categories: Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance
Schoolwide schools use Title funding to improve the instructional program for all students in the school.  Targeted Assistance schools are schools that identify which students are at most risk of failing to meet the state's challenging performance standards and develop a program to assist in the needs of these particular students.
There are currently 7 schools within Mineral County who are served as Schoolwide:
  • Burlington Primary School
  • Elk Garden Primary School
  • Fort Ashby Primary School
  • Fountain Primary School
  • Keyser Primary School
  • New Creek Primary School
  • Wiley Ford Primary School
There is 1 school served as Targeted Assistance:
  • Frankfort Intermediate School 


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